Monday, 9 November 2009

I'll be right back. Honest

Just a quick post to say there will be little to no updates over the next two and a half weeks, due to my moving house and time it takes to set up the internet over there. I will try and get small updates up, but i'm not holding out much hope.

However, i will still be able to access my hobby things and aim to have a bumper post upon my return.

See you then


Monday, 2 November 2009

Even my minions have minions!

I have so many zombies now, it's hard to fit them all on my desk. Guess i really should paint some of them soon. Ah well, it's great fun watching the horde grow.

178 undead and counting

The sudden growth is down the fact that i bought Battle for Skull Pass and turned every single dwarf and goblin in it into a zombie. I'm planning on attacking them with files and green stuff to weather them down and add zombie bits to create a ragtag appearence for the horde.

The Corpse Cart of Varak the Malign. His hood needs some greenstuff filling, but i'm happy with him. That kit is slightly awkward to work with. It needs serious patience to do properly (something i lack)

Van Vock himself.

So far i only have one vampire, but i have two more on order, which should arrive tommorrow.

The unit of Crypt Ghouls that Van Vock is going to hide in, as zombies can't have characters join them.

Black Knights will be covered in more detail soon, i promise.

The Abbysal terror is still in the works with a step by step guide on the way too. After reading the army book more throughly, i've decided that it'll be used as either a Vargulf or a Winged Nightmare in smaller games

If all goes well, i'll have my first game with them on thursday against my friends nurgle chaos amry. Should be interesting.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

The dead do not rest easy

After a veritable storm of hobby activity after the last few days, i have the following built:

60 Zombies
20 Ghouls
1 corpse cart
1 Vampire
5 Zombie Black Knights (well, nearly done)

I'll be covering these in more detailin a later post, but here's a WIP shot of them as they are right now.

I like working on these because i could really go to town with wild ideas, because, as long as they had four legs and weapons, i could pretty much do what i liked with them. I'm especially proud of the Zombie centaur, with the lance melded into its flesh.

Next up after the knights is the Abbysal Terror i'm planning on having a lot of fun with this, hehe...

Thursday, 29 October 2009

New Army, New Blog

Hi there.

This Blog has been set up as an add-on to The Wandering Mind. Basically, this is going to be covering the genesis and growth of my Vampire Counts army.

The theme of my army is based around the nearly and newly dead (ie. no skeletal units)with it mostly being zombies and crypt ghouls, backed up by corpse carts and bestial vampires, led by Count Voras Van Vock.

Van Vock will be riding an Abyssal Terror, which i've had some rather cool ideas for (more on these later),as he seeks to resurrect his defeated master, who's in the army's Black Coach.

I also plan to convert up some zombie Black Knights and Grave Guard, which shouldn't be too diffcult, but as with everything in life (or afterlife), we'll see how we go

I got a box of zombies and a box of crypt ghouls today and plan to pick up more zombies, a vampire and a corpse cart or two tommorrow.