Saturday, 31 October 2009

The dead do not rest easy

After a veritable storm of hobby activity after the last few days, i have the following built:

60 Zombies
20 Ghouls
1 corpse cart
1 Vampire
5 Zombie Black Knights (well, nearly done)

I'll be covering these in more detailin a later post, but here's a WIP shot of them as they are right now.

I like working on these because i could really go to town with wild ideas, because, as long as they had four legs and weapons, i could pretty much do what i liked with them. I'm especially proud of the Zombie centaur, with the lance melded into its flesh.

Next up after the knights is the Abbysal Terror i'm planning on having a lot of fun with this, hehe...

Thursday, 29 October 2009

New Army, New Blog

Hi there.

This Blog has been set up as an add-on to The Wandering Mind. Basically, this is going to be covering the genesis and growth of my Vampire Counts army.

The theme of my army is based around the nearly and newly dead (ie. no skeletal units)with it mostly being zombies and crypt ghouls, backed up by corpse carts and bestial vampires, led by Count Voras Van Vock.

Van Vock will be riding an Abyssal Terror, which i've had some rather cool ideas for (more on these later),as he seeks to resurrect his defeated master, who's in the army's Black Coach.

I also plan to convert up some zombie Black Knights and Grave Guard, which shouldn't be too diffcult, but as with everything in life (or afterlife), we'll see how we go

I got a box of zombies and a box of crypt ghouls today and plan to pick up more zombies, a vampire and a corpse cart or two tommorrow.